Three Reasons To Choose Commercial Real Estate Investing Over Residential

Commercial real estate values

If you’ve decided that you want to start investing in real estate, you have one big decision left: you have to figure out whether you want to look into commercial real estate investments, or whether you want to look at residential properties.

Both types of real estate investments come with some pretty good benefits, and both have the potential to make a lot of profit and build up a good reputation. But there are many people who argue that commercial real estate investments are the way to go, no matter what — so why exactly is this?

  • Commercial real estate properties have bigger initial risks involved, so it’s not always feasible for everyone to get into this industry right away without planning and organizing. But keep in mind that bigger risks often pay off in the long run and turn into bigger profits.

  • There are tons of different property types that are considered “commercial,” so it’s no hard to find a business or industry that interests you and fits your professional goals. Commercial properties can include everything from warehouses and factories to retail stores and office buildings.

  • Unlike residential property management, commercial properties tend to have more regular hours that aren’t so demanding. Instead of dealing with dozens — or even hundreds — of individual tenants, you only have to deal with a few tenants and work with them to manage the property. You’ll have some late nights and long hours, but you won’t be on call 24/7 as you would be with a residential property.

Commercial real estate investing definitely isn’t for everyone, and it’s a big decision to finally make. But these are just the start of the benefits that come with commercial property ownership, and it’s very possible that you could find success and happiness once you get into the industry!