Won a Court Settlement? Consider Selling Your Structured Settlement Annuities

Selling a structured settlement

Payments from litigation settlements determined both in and out of court are massive in scope. In 2013 for example, more than $3.6 billion were paid to plaintiffs involved in medical malpractice lawsuits. Today, more than 37,000 Americans receive some kind of money from a common form of tort payment: structured settlement annuities. A structured settlement annuity is a payment plan in which the claimant is paid in installments over long periods of time. It’s rare for a settlement to be paid all at once in a lump sum. It’s much more common for claimants to receive a structured settlement annuity.

This can create problems for claimants, especially for those who suffer from injuries or who are unable to work. The whole point of a settlement is to get just compensation but the reality is that claimants sometimes do not get the money they need in time. Payment plans can be slow. It may take awhile — as in years — to be fully adequately compensated. As a consequence, some claimants still have financial difficulties well beyond the settlement date.

For claimants in need of faster cash, selling a structured settlement annuity is a good idea. Getting cash for structured settlements is very much a possibility. Selling your structured settlement annuity to a financial company will ensure that you get the money that you deserve in the time table of your choice. You can either sell it all for a lump sum or sell it for a gradual payment plan. Depending on what you want, there will be different management fees and regulations. Still, most people who settle with selling their annuities find it more preferable than waiting for the courts to pay them. A good 92% of people who sell their annuities say they are happy with the decision. And why not? With a steady cash flow, claimants can get on with their lives and can start putting the lawsuit behind them.

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