Make Your Fortune in Commercial Real Estate When You Get In Touch With Top Commercial Real Estate Companies

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Are you looking to sink your money into a profitable and worthwhile investment? Have you considered looking at top real estate investment companies or getting involved with one? The top real estate investment companies can offer you a safe place for your money to go and you could see a huge potential return on investment. Commercial real estate investment groups are particularly profitable and are considered one of the most stable investments in the United States. Additionally, if you sink your money into real estate, especially commercial real estate, you’ll always have a stream of cash coming in from rent and leases. There are many different ways to turn commercial buildings into a lucrative investment stream for you and your family — just speak with some top real estate investment companies today to see how you can get involved.
Why Commercial Real Estate?
Why go commercial instead of residential, many people might wonder. There’s more profit in commercial real estate than residential real estate and it’s often easier to accrue commercial properties at a higher rate than residential properties. Commercial real estate is essentially property that is only used for commercial, or business purposes. This can include offices, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, any other retail stores. The square footage is likely to be higher, which usually means higher rents or leases, and businesses can often be a more stable source of income, based on their own revenue.
What Are Some of the Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate?
Like mentioned before, commercial real estate is considered one of the most stable and reliable investment opportunities available in the United States today. It’s perhaps so stable and secure, due to the fact that the property and land that are bought will always hold some kind of value, even if the market plummets. Additionally, there’s a consistent cash flow, because of rents and leases that are due monthly. So even if you’re not acquiring new properties regularly or selling them, you’re still going to have money coming in.
A tax advisor can also speak to some of the tax benefits that you gain when owning commercial real estate, and that investment lets your property eventually appreciate in value the longer you hold it. For example, warehouse properties that might not have been too profitable in Brooklyn twenty years ago, are now massively sought after and have considerably appreciated in value. As time goes on, your commercial real estate is going to build valuable equity that will help you with other investments you may want to make. An even better, since the commercial real estate companies saw a slight decline in 2012, properties are as much as 30% more affordable in 2013 than they were in 2012, so you can start investing for not a lot of money. As the market has recovered since 2012, those cheap investments made back in 2013, might be reaping some hefty rewards now.
What Do the Statistics Say About Commercial Real Estate?
Because of the lower prices in 2012, in July of that year, investment in commercial real estate went up by over 12%. Commercial real estate was worth over $12 trillion in value in 2012, when the market was bad, so one can only imagine how much it’s worth today! And in 2013, The New York Times reported that the commercial real estate industry is still a buyer’s market. By the end of 2013, sales of commercial real estate were predicted to rise by almost 25%! Experts do advise to hire staff who can track the inflow and outflow of profit to produce revenue when you’re purchasing commercial real estate, as that can help spike your profits. Research also shows that medical centers are one of the chosen investments in commercial real estate — there will always be a need for hospitals, which can be quite a lucrative endeavor.
So if you’ve been wanting a place to invest some of your hard-earned money in, think about getting in touch with the top real estate investment companies or contacting a real estate development company for how to get started.