Understanding How to Invest in REITs

With over 25 years of real estate industry experience, Brian L. Katz serves clients with top notch advice and experience. Drawing from his degrees in Real Estate and Economics, Brian Katz helps investors understand how to invest in REITs that potentially cover a diverse portfolio of properties. Popular commercial real estate may include hotels, offices and restaurants, but it can also consist of plenty of small businesses and strip centers. Having a variety of tenants throughout can keep a steady cash stream flowing as they support each other with related shopping opportunities. Since the best commercial real estate deals may not be listed publically, you might want to consult with commercial re

Don’t Limit Growth by Failing to Accept Credit Cards

This year, experts predict that consumers will use their credit cards for an increased number of transactions. According to the Nilson Report, they accounted for more than half of all “plastic” spending last year, and the number of debit card transactions is actually slipping. As a result, businesses who are looking to provide the best buying experience and earn more customers will need to invest in credit card processors that allow them to easily handle those transactions. Not doing so can prove to be a costly mistake that results in a business getting left behind by today’s ultra-competitive and fast-moving marketplace. Considering the massive growth of the digital marketplace, business owners will need to be able to

Four Ways Reliable Payroll Systems Can Help You Avoid Serious Problems

Without having the proper payroll processing services in place, businesses can run into all sorts of problems. Unfortunately, that was the case last September at Metropolitan State University as administrators had to scramble “to sort through a payroll crisis that has resulted in faculty being shortchanged for summer hours, step increases being overlooked and new faculty being unable to obtain promised health insurance,” according to TwinCities.com. For small business owners, those problems can be nearly impossible to overcome, so investing in a reliable payroll processing system is a must. In today’s fast-paced business world, having one is imperative for long-term success. Get Organized

Does Your Business Take Debit? Three Things You Have to Know

Your business exists to make money, whether you sell car repair services or high-end lingerie. Your ability to make that money depends on your customer service and your quality of goods and services, but it also depends on how you accept payment from your customers. Canadians Don’t Like to Use Cash According to the Royal Bank of Canada, only 33% of Canadians prefer to use cash over electronic methods, like debit credit cards and so-called “charge cards.” The majority of Canadian consumers find using debit credit cards more convenient, and they prefer the safety that comes with not carrying around a wallet full of cash. As statistics from About.com show,

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