Why Small Businesses Can Benefit from Taking Mobile Card Payments During the Holidays and Beyond

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Do you own a small retail business? If so, you know how busy it can get — especially around the holiday season. When you only have one or two cash registers, things can get complicated if there are technical difficulties. For this reason alone, small businesses must have safe, reliable, and convenient payment processing solutions and POS systems, and with today’s technology, there’s no excuse to not try mobile payment processing.

What is this mobile technology? Mobile card payments utilize tablets and smartphones to accept credit cards and debit cards from customers from any location. These solutions offer plenty of advantages for small and large enterprises alike and even for businesses that travel!

If you choose to use mobile card payments for your business, here are three distinct advantages you could see this holiday season and beyond.

    1. Mobility in retail. Having a backup in your store’s checkout line could cause customers to become frustrated, and some may even abandon their purchases if it’s too inconvenient. Having the ability to offer quick and easy transactions from anywhere in the store is a huge advantage for businesses experiencing a peak retail season. These devices offer businesses the chance to open a checkout line anywhere in the store, so customers paying with credit cards can get on their way faster.

    2. Pay-at-table transactions. Restaurant and cafe owners may worry about the safety of their customers’ cards, especially to avoid getting accused of fraud. With mobile card payments, customers can pay right at their tables on devices that are 100% PCI compliant. Customers are sure to love the convenience of being able to pay right away without having to wait for the card to come back, and servers will feel less pressured, too.

    3. On-the-go sales. Businesses that travel are often hindered in their sales because they can only accept cash. By accepting mobile payments on-the-go, however, businesses have the chance to have more paying customers. Because those customers will have access to all funds in their bank accounts, not just the cash in their wallets, they have the opportunity to make more purchases, too.

Have questions about what mobile payment acceptance can do for your business? Get in touch with a credit card payment processing company that offers these services. You can get more information on compatible devices, programs, and costs, too. Leave a comment below if you have suggestions or general inquiries. Good references here.