Want to Help People? Consider These 8 Career Moves

Want to Help People? Consider These 8 Career Moves

No one wants to be stuck in a dead-end job, but this is especially true for empathetic people who get a natural urge to help and care for others. Though your current job may pay your bills, it may not be doing anything for you personally, leaving you feeling tired and drained day in and day out. As such, this article will discuss a collection of jobs that are ideal for those who enjoy helping others, allowing you to make great strides in your next set of career moves.

Discover 8 Empowering Jobs for Devoted Helpers

1. Lawyers

Though lawyers are often associated with vast courtrooms and heated debates, these professionals also do a lot to help other people in their community. Depending on the type of law you practice, you could have the opportunity to help ordinary citizens receive justice and go back to living happy and prosperous lives. For example, although divorce lawyers commonly work alongside broken families, they ensure that each party receives a fair share of their earnings. Plus, these lawyers also focus on building safe environments for children, ensuring that these difficult times will not affect their motivation and success in the long run. It should also be mentioned that a divorce lawyer has the potential to earn quite a lot of money, with Comparably stating that the average salary for this line of work is $64,442. Thus, you can enjoy a selection of ambitious career moves, whilst also earning a high level of income at the same time.

If working with divorced families sounds a little outside your comfort zone, you may be better suited as a personal injury lawyer. These lawyers focus on those who have been in harmful accidents and fight for them to receive lucrative amounts of compensation. The accidents could range from a standard car accident to a full-blown catastrophe at work. Regardless of the situation, personal injury lawyers help those who have been harmed accidentally and ensure that they can gain enough money to pay off their medical bills or build a suitable rehabilitation plan. This branch of law is also linked with high levels of income. According to the American Judicial System, these lawyers tend to earn $70,000-$150,000 per year, with some high-powered examples earning around $1 million annually.

2. Driving Instructor

Learning to drive is one of life’s most incredible milestones and allows those who have been confined to the same area for many years to find freedom in the open road. But, before those people set off on their next adventure, they will need to know how to drive safely. A driving lesson is a fantastic resource for non-drivers as it lets them learn the rules of the road whilst being under strict supervision from a trained professional. Thus, they will be able to grow in confidence as they work to find their way around town. As such, driving instructors are very helpful individuals because they provide people with the chance to spread their wings and experience the world around them. Plus, these workers also support disabled people or less mobile citizens, since these people are less likely to be able to walk for long distances. Indeed states that driving instructors can expect to earn around $21.03 an hour, but this rate will also depend on your location and the type of services you provide. Though these wages may not cover all of your expenses, it’s an ideal route for those who want to help others and develop a lucrative side hustle.

3. HVAC Services

Many of us rely on HVAC systems to keep us safe and comfortable, especially when we experience very polarizing weather conditions. Yet, when these systems age or decay, they can leave us feeling either too hot or too cold. This can be quite dangerous for those who struggle to regulate their body temperatures or cannot keep warm during the harsh conditions of winter. HVAC companies are very popular all across America as these contractors work to fix decrepit systems or encourage homeowners to purchase a new one if their previous system is unsalvageable. In turn, these contractors can bring homeowners back to a state of stability and peace, ensuring that they can cope throughout the seasons. HVAC contractors can either work as part of a large corporation or as a freelancer, making this a very versatile role for those looking for something a little more flexible. For employed HVAC contractors, Salary.com explains that they could earn anything from $72,628 to $95,551, with the median salary sitting at $84,116. This role offers an ideal collection of career moves for those looking to complete manual labor that has the potential to improve the lives of others around them.

4. Mechanic

If you consider yourself a car expert who also wants to help others, consider becoming a mechanic. This is usually a very diverse role, allowing contractors to provide an auto body service as well as a selection of vital repairs. Therefore, you have the prime opportunity to spend your day tinkering with car parts, whilst also helping ordinary citizens get themselves back on the road. This type of job usually doesn’t require a college diploma, meaning that you won’t have to go back to school if you want to enjoy some new career moves. Instead, mechanics typically learn the tricks of their trade during training programs or apprenticeships. Thus, you can become more aware of the nuances of this role without having to relive the stress of your college experience. This type of job also has a very flexible pay scale, giving you the chance to work your way up the ladder as you train. Talent.com notes that an automotive mechanic can earn $41,837-$80,000 per year, making it a great option for empathetic people who are also eager to earn more money in their careers.

For those who aren’t familiar with the inner workings of a car, you may have more experience completing a series of boat repairs. If you own a boat or grew up with one in your family, you may be suited to pass these skills on to others, allowing new owners to enjoy the water in a safe and stylish manner. Since boats are used in a collection of bustling industries, you also have the chance to enjoy a selection of unique roles, such as being a standard handyman to a master marine technician. Thus, it seems that this industry offers something for every type of experience level. The New England Institute of Technology states that a marine mechanic typically earns $45,490 a year or around $21.87 an hour.

5. Dentist or Hygienist

Anybody who works in the field of medicine can enjoy the benefits of helping others, but dentistry also offers employees the chance to help patients feel better about their appearance. Although dentists primarily focus on offering check-ups and vital repairs to their patient’s teeth, they also provide corrective surgery for those who have suffered facial damage or deformities. Thus, these professionals can give patients an award-winning smile that is also healthy and striking.

In a similar vein, hygienists can professionally remove large quantities of plaque from your mouth, preventing common cases of gum disease. Not only does this procedure eliminate the chances of you developing oral health issues in the future, but it can also give you a bright white smile. Therefore, these roles are ideal carer moves for any medical professional looking to detach from the stressors of their previous position, but still help others on a regular basis. The salary of a family dentist and a dental hygienist differ greatly, as the former typically requires a lot more experience and qualifications than the latter. Glassdoor explains that the average salary range for a dentist is $125,000 to $224,00, whereas it’s $84,000-$117,000 for a hygienist.

6. Veterinarian

If you’re eager to help both humans and animals, it might be a good idea to look into becoming a veterinarian. Throughout this role, you’ll come in contact with a wide variety of animals and help nurse them back to full health. Whether it’s fixing a broken paw to treating a bacterial infection, vets tackle an abundance of different issues every day, ensuring that our furry friends can get back to their normal selves once again. Since this role is considered to be a form of medicine, you’ll be expected to graduate from veterinary school and then pass your state licensing exam. Therefore, even though this process will take many years, it’s a perfect opportunity for anyone looking to make some bold career moves and reunite family members with their beloved pets on a regular basis. Many vet services also find their way into our modern lives, with vets also being recruited for fundamental research, environmental protection, and food safety. This is a useful condition to note if you would rather focus on large policies rather than spend your days inside a clinic. Veterinarians can also revel in a collection of high salaries, as PayScale highlights that the average salary for this role is around $96,000.

7. Contractor

For those who like working with their hands as well as supporting others, a contractor position is an ideal way to blend the two. Contractors are commonly seen throughout the construction industry and typically help to provide the labor, materials, and resources needed to complete a certain project. These workers also complete more domestic projects like bathroom remodeling, allowing their customers to enjoy a shiny new bathroom whenever they please. Although this role may not seem very helpful, bathroom contractors have the chance to build a more accessible landscape for their customers. This is especially aimed at customers who require wetrooms or wheelchair ramps in their bathroom to ensure that they can clean themselves effectively. If you have previous experience in this field, you could complete this trade as a freelancer. This is particularly beneficial for those who are eager to set their own prices and work schedules alongside their journey to help others. For those who feel uncomfortable at the prospect of self-employment, a lot of companies are happy to accept apprentices. As such, you’re free to revel in a range of highly sought-after career moves, all while you continue to learn more about this line of work. TradesmanCE assures potential contractors that they will be able to earn around $44,000 a year when they first start out and then continue to earn an average of $90,000 as a more experienced general contractor.

8. Landscaper

If you love nothing more than spending endless hours in the fresh air, you may also enjoy working as a landscaper. These workers strive to help others by improving their backyards, adding a collection of flowers, shrubs, and pathways to help make the entire space seem more attractive. Landscaping services can differ depending on the location of the site and how much work needs to be done, but typically, these contractors use their skills on residential properties and community gardens. However, if you’re eager to take some bolder career moves, these services can also be seen in very large ventures, such as constructing a school playground or working on a series of environmental initiatives. Unlike most construction jobs, this role requires employees to gain a formal degree in a related field such as horticulture, forestry, or plant pathology. Though this may seem like a lot of hard work, the earning possibilities are endless, with Zippia explaining that landscapers typically earn up to $36,000 a year.

The drive to help others is a very desirable trait that is often overlooked. Yet, this ambition also links to a selection of high-paying careers, allowing certain employees to support the growth of others, whilst also seeing an increase in their personal finances. This not only has the potential to boost our global economy but also ensures that the general population is happier and healthier as a result. In turn, if you’re eager to complete some unique career moves in the future, consider researching some of the roles described in this article.