Tips for Getting Deals From a Scrap Gold Buyer

Tips for Getting Deals From a Scrap Gold Buyer

If you need extra cash, one of the best things to sell is scrap gold. If you can find a reputable gold buyer in your area, you should be able to get a fair price for any gold you have invested in in the past. Before you get ready to sell scrap gold, though, you should learn how to tell if you’re working with a great gold buyer.

Video Source

The video posted here shows an interaction between a gold seller and a gold buyer. In the interaction, it’s clear that everything is being handled with respect and is fully legal. The buyer makes no moves to hide his process for gold valuation and pays the fair market rate for the gold.

The buyer tests the gold using a variety of methods. He looks closely at any marks on the jewelry pieces that describe the metal content they contain. He also uses gold testing equipment to distinguish between different purity levels of gold. This helps him establish a fair price for each piece he’s buying.

If you take your scrap gold to a gold buyer and don’t experience the level of openness and honesty you expect, you can always get a quote from them and take your gold elsewhere to compare prices.