Three Common Accounting Positions That Benefit Big Companies

Accounting jobs

Popular college majors and trending entry-level jobs seem to come and go fairly quickly — especially with so much new technology that has rendered so many job obsolete — but accounting jobs seem like they’re pretty immune to those trends. And a good explanation might be because there are so many corporate finance jobs — ranging from senior financial analysts to chief financial officer positions — and all of the people with these careers seem to have started out work in accounting jobs.

This may come as a surprise, but there are actually quite a few finance careers to choose from when it comes to the accounting industry. For example,

Auditors These accountants handle most of the internal finances of a business, and they make sure that the company is following its own rules, the regulations of the industry, and any general legal obligations that need to be followed by the staff and management. Auditors are helpful for double-checking that a company isn’t committing any fraud or mismanagement — handling finances similar to how a Human Resources department makes sure that employees are treated fairly.

Tax Specialists If you think doing your own taxes is time-consuming and confusing, you’ll understand why businesses often employ accountants who specialize in taxes. These employees really come in handy when businesses have big financial decisions to make; everything from major purchases to big investments come with either advantages or disadvantages with taxes, so it’s important for businesses to understand the implications of their financial decisions before making any of them.

Payroll Clerks Smaller companies often choose to outsource their payroll, but as a company grows, it usually becomes beneficial to keep the payroll processing internal. These employees have to be knowledgeable about government regulations and changes in tax policies (which are pretty difficult for anyone to keep straight these days), and they also have to be knowledgeable about retirement plans, insurance plans, and savings options for the company’s employees. Helpful research also found here. See this link for more.