The Road to Your California Dental License

The Road to Your California Dental License

To practice as a dentist in California, you must have a dentist’s license. It is the culmination of years of study and practical experience. With it, you can finally get into the ranks of those with California dental practice listings. The video explains how you can become a licensed dentist in California.

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According to employment data, most dentists are self-employed. Therefore, the license is a means of regulation and consumer protection. Dentists can get a California dental practice license after they study, sit and pass the California Dental License Examination board examinations. Or if they have a recognized practicing license from another state.

You must have a dentistry degree to become a dentist. In the third year of your degree, you must get into a two-year program in a hospital to work with other dentists on patients. Afterward, you must pass the California clinical exam and the board exam before becoming a licensed dentist in the state.

Dentists with foreign dental degrees looking to practice in California may not have to go through the whole educational process. If their degrees are accredited internationally, they will only need to do the dental board exam and practice for two years in California to get their license.