The Benefits of POS Systems for Pharmacies

Pharmacy software integration

One of the main goals of a business is to continue improving efficiency in order to better serve its customers. Switching to point-of-sale systems, also known as POS systems, at checkouts is one way companies have made themselves more efficient over the years. Although cash registers are still found in some smaller grocery and retail stores, POS systems have largely taken over final transactions. Pharmacies are one type of business that has switched over to these systems in masses. Since they are often times very busy and need to keep track of a lot of important customer information, pharmacy POS systems are ideal for these businesses. Some of the benefits of a pharmacy POS system include:

  1. Electronic Signature – Anyone who has picked up a prescription at the pharmacy probably knows that a signature is required to confirm that the prescription was picked up. Pharmacy POS systems allow for electronic signatures for this purpose and also for HIPAA regulations. They automatically prompt the customer to sign on the screen when a prescription has been purchased, ensuring that this important step is never skipped. Signatures can be stored in the system so that the pharmacy doesn’t have to keep stacks of signatures on paper on file.
  2. Store Customer Information – Pharmacies need to keep certain information on file in order to verify that the person picking up the prescription has the authority to do so. Pharmacy POS systems store names, addresses, dates of birth and other pertinent information i a safe way so that cashiers can easily confirm a person’s identification. This makes the overall transaction easier and more efficient.
  3. Pharmacy Software Integration – A pharmacy’s current software and records can also be integrated into a POS system, allowing for an easy transition. Many pharmacies offer rewards programs to their customers, and they can keep these customers’ information in one convenient place with a POS system. The system can automatically keep track of points with every purchase, and they can also print out coupons when customers have earned enough points with the program.