Should You Invest In Property?

Real estate

As the economy gradually improves and people begin investigating investment opportunities, a lot of people seem to be asking the same question: “Should I invest in property?” There’s a chance that you may even be one of them. And depending on your situation, the answer very well could be yes.

IBIS World research estimates that there are 2,344,134 commercial real estate businesses in the United States alone. These businesses focus on the real estate end of investing in real estate. One such commercial real estate business is the American Real Estate Partners, a private real estate investment firm operating along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. The company, unlike other commercial real estate businesses, specializes in real estate investment. The company is run by its President, Brian L. Katz, one such specialist in this area. Brian L Katz, a former member of a commercial brokerage firm in Northern Virginia, sold over 15 million square feet of space and was among the top real estate brokers in the Washington, D.C. area. Likewise, in 1993, Brian Katz worked for a regional development firm called the Evans Company, where he marketed and leased the company’s 2.5 million square foot office portfolio, as well as their 1,500 acre land portfolio. Today, Mr. Katz puts his experience and skill to work at the American Real Estate Partners, where he specializes in commercial real estate, including capital markets, acquisition, leasing, asset management and development.

“Still,” you may be asking, “should I invest in property?” The answer depends firstly on your ability to find good property: property with commercial potential, the availability to lease to local or visiting residents, and chances for further development. Secondly, your ability or decision to invest in real estate should depend on your ability to acquire that property and manage the business decision that will follow: the development of your investment, leasing it out to tenants, or further developing a business investment. If the answer to both of those questions is “yes”, then investing in real estate is a definite possibility for you. But if your answer is “no”, the option is not yet out of your reach: instead, call a commercial real estate expert like the American Real Estate Partners to find a property and turn it into an investment.