How to Protect Our Currency

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When protecting currency, it is imperative to use specialized software and not some rinky dink, run of the mill computer program or worse, human eye, to manage and monitor and control the entire process. Safety and control are the main objectives with procedures as sensitive as this. A good software program should be able to help companies in many different ways including cutting down cash time on cheques as well as others. The different methods it should do will depend on the needs of the company.

Cash processing has a sensitive nature but plays such an important part in the world, especially in business. Without cash, the business is never going to get off the ground at all. Multiple functions are needed in any software so that it can simultaneously manage payments, balances, liquidity and more. It has to be able to monitor cash flow efficiently. Other benefits of cash management software include:

  1. Keeping detailed records of receipts, deposits and transactions.
  2. Tracking and monitoring in real time.
  3. Reducing operational risks.
  4. Monitoring and predicting cash requirements.
  5. Generating accounting information automatically.
  6. Keeping the integrity of the data.
  7. Making cash movements more visible.
  8. Reducing costs by reducing work load.

Basically, what it comes down to is being able to efficiently deliver available cash and maximize profits because all decisions will be made on the assumption that the software’s data is accurate. Computer data is always significantly more updated and more accurate than human knowledge but this will only stay like that if the computer is regular maintained.

There are more ways to improve the protection of currency such as using coin counter and sorter machines. These coin sorters help to improve the accuracy of the cash being accounted for and rendered, without the teller having to count out all the coins a person might want or be owed. The idea of the least amount of human contact with the currency as possible is very appealing. The less contact humans have with the money, the less room there is for error.

Coin counter and sorter machines do exactly what they sound like. They electronically and automatically count and sort all coins, allowing a business to rest assured that all cash transactions are 100% accurate as well as safe. The main reason that companies use coin counter and sorter machines is because of the time it saves. Having an automatic counter and dispenser makes like a lot simpler for the people having to be in charge of the sorters.

Next in line is the cash recycle. Now, what is a cash recycler? You might be wondering. It really is a great piece of technology. Basically, a cash recycler is a vault. This vault takes care of incoming and outgoing cash for vault and teller transactions alike. Now, talk about a time saver. This machine will count the money once whereas a teller would have to count three times to ensure no miscounting occured; a machine knows there has been no mistake. A cash recycler can:

  1. take in cash.
  2. authenticate the notes.
  3. check for suspicious notes.
  4. store the cash.
  5. dispense cash.

Along with these functions, there is even more than the cash recycler can do to help the efficiency and time management of a teller.

Coin counter and sorter machines and cash recycler and other appliances are all in place to avoid any fraud from taking place, make sure that the cash flow information is accurate and to maintain the least amount of human contact as possible.

Keeping currency and money safe is so important. There are far to many reports of fraud and counterfeit notes being passed around. Allowing a machine to do some of the work is a very good idea because:

  1. Eliminates risk of criminal employee
  2. Lowers employee left
  3. Lowers chance of day time robbery
  4. Increases accuracy of cash flow
  5. Preserves integrity of denominations.

Never underestimate the important of protecting not only our money but the culture that comes with it. We do not want to see how history being stolen from us and replaced by fraud.