Are You Considering Selling Your Annuity for a Lump Sum?

Calculating a structured settlement

Are you looking for a specialty finance company that can purchase your structured settlements that have been awarded as the result of a lawsuit or lottery winning? After years of working just to make ends meet have you recently come into a large amount of cash that will be paid out to you slowly over a long period of time? Is so, after you have allowed someone else to calculate a structured settlement for you, consider visiting with a financial institution that is known for purchasing structured settlements and getting you the money you deserve now.
By combining a program’s expertise in institutional funding, underwriting, and law, some companies can purchase structured settlements and insurance annuities so that the recipients of these settlements can get access to the cash they need up front, instead of waiting for payments to come in over many long years. A direct funding institution that has built unique relationships with national banks can offer their best customers access to the most of their money at the best allowable rates. The leading purchasers of structured settlements in the country can make it easier for people who want to make huge positive changes in their lives.
Whether you are looking for an opportunity to start the business that you have always dreamed of or you are looking for a way to take your fantasy vacation, pre settlement loan funding can get you the first portion of the money you need in as little as two to four weeks. More specifically, research indicates that with an “immediate” annuity, you can usually start receiving payments in about 30 days.
College tuition for yourself or your children and purchasing a home instead of paying rent are goals that many in America have. Rather than wait for a lengthy payout from a court settlement or a lottery winning, doesn’t it make sense for you to begin working toward your goals now? Instead of struggling to pay off your current debt or putting your financial goals on hold, doesn’t it make sense to get the cash settlement you deserve?
More than 37,000 Americans have made the wise financial decision to use structured settlement money every year. More importantly, 92% of those claimants who sell their structured settlement are satisfied with their decision. Shouldn’t you be part of this group?
If you have been wondering if you can get cash for annuity now, the answer is “yes.” You can start working toward your financial goals of starting your own business or attending college today, instead of waiting for your money to trickle in slowly over time.