An Intro to the Series 82 Exam

An Intro to the Series 82 Exam

The Series 82 is a securities licensing exam that assesses a person’s ability to perform a job as a private securities offerings representative. Greico is a financial training institute that offers a comprehensive preparation platform to help you pass the test on the first try.

Key Information about the Series 82

Your success on this test will largely rely on your ability to apply concepts versus memorizing them. You must answer 70% of the questions correctly in order to pass, and there are four sections of the exam. The FIRNA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) administers the exam, and they update the questions regularly to reflect the industry’s most current standards.

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Study Strategies for the Series 82

The best way to prepare for this exam is to take advantage of all the available resources. Study guides, live lectures, textbooks, and practice exams are just some tools to help you pass. Your company may offer a series 82 sponsorship as an additional incentive to take the exam. Get lots of rest and study small chunks of information instead of cramming everything together. With the right preparation and attitude, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a passing score.