5 Things You Can Do With Lump Sum Lottery Payout

Sell my structured settlement for cash

Many people win structured settlements as a consequence of lawsuit awards of insurance annuities. Lottery wins are also paid in the form of structured settlements, which means you see your money in bits and pieces over a sustained duration of time. While this can suit the needs of some, many people prefer an lump amount of cash in hand in these circumstances. Working with a company which offers the option of lump sum lottery payout can help you sell your structured settlements and get immediate cash in hand.

Statistics show that on an average, structured settlement awards pay about $324,000, which is paid in structured settlements. Similarly, an insurance annuity comes with a proviso for small payments over time while involving extra expenses like fees. Lottery winnings work the same way, with the Government having the discretion to withhold anywhere up to 25% of jackpot winnings. Over 37,000 Americans use money acquired from structured settlements for various purposes. A smarter way to have cash up front is to sell structured settlement payouts and get immediate cash for annuity payments.

If you do opt to sell annuity payments and go for lump sum lottery payouts, there are many ways you can use the lump amount of money. Some of the more compelling ways are –

Resolving Debt – If you have been plagued by debt and have a low credit score which is marring your reputation, you can cash in structured settlement payments and use the money to pay off your debt. This is a great way of getting out of financial doldrums and restoring your credit score to normal.

Buying a Home – If you have your eyes on a property you want to purchase for a while, selling your annuity can provide you with the money you need to finally close the deal.

Starting a Business – Funding a startup takes cash in hand, and if you have a structured settlement currently running, you can choose to cash it out and use it to bring your business plans to fruition.

Getting Education – Have financial problems stopped you from getting the education you need? Getting cash for your structured settlement can enable you to dive headlong in your chosen field of academics by taking care of your tuition fees.

Going on a Vacation – Sometimes, all you need is to recharge your batteries. There is no better way to achieve that than to take a vacation, and with a lump sum lottery payout you can visit your dream locations without budget constraints.

More than 90% of American claimants who have chosen to sell their structured settlements have reportedly receive great satisfaction from the decision. You too can reap benefits if you choose to go down this promising route.