4 Tips for Finding Charities Your Business Can Give To

4 Tips for Finding Charities Your Business Can Give To

America has a wonderful culture of helping those in need. As much as 25% of the adult population, or approximately 63 million people, regularly volunteer their time, talent, and energy to change lives. If you’re a business that is in a position to also make a difference, your initiative is always applauded. However, it’s important for you to consider whether your donations are going to the right place. To help you out, in this article, we provide four tips for finding charities that your business can give to.

First Figure Out Your Business’s Values

Your company’s core values will help you decide which cause you support. Perhaps you are interested in working for those less fortunate or your philanthropic interests are more aligned with addressing child hunger. Working poor charities understand the desire to feed those in need — serving dinner and providing emergency food boxes every single day of the week. The nature of your business should allow you to get involved in the cause that matters to you so you can effect real change.

Consider the Charity’s Values

Now that you have figured out your business’s core values, it’s important to ensure they match with the core values of the charity you want to donate to. The good news is, there are many charities to donate to and if you do your due diligence, chances are you’ll find one that shares your values and can help you make a difference in the best way. Say your team is passionate about clothing the homeless. Finding a charity that goes the extra mile to provide professional clothing and haircuts for interviews may be in your company’s best interest.

Talk Directly With the Charity

Making a donation is a big deal, and it’s up to you to ensure your donation is used in the way you planned. That means you must not rush the process. Instead, talk to the charity you want to give to and ask all the pertinent questions. Most charities are open about how they handle donations, so this should allow you to vet them properly. Go to their website and looks for success stories to see how the charity has truly impacted those it benefits.

Assess the Charity’s Strategic Plan

The charity you end up giving to must have a strategic business plan that also aligns with your long-term plans. Whether you are focused on a working poor charity or have other areas of concern, you ideally want to deal with a charity organization that’s organized.

These four tips will help you fulfill your corporate social responsibility in the best way possible, whether you’re looking to donate to a working poor charity organization or somewhere else. You can contact us if you have any questions. We would be happy to tell you all about how your business can make a lasting difference that complements your core values.