The 3 Steps to Small Business Valuation

Small business valuation doesn’t need to be complicated. We’ve broken the small business valuation methods down into 3 key steps to help you successfully and accurately value your business: Determine why you need a business valuation For some this may be a logical place to begin. Small business valuation methods require valuable time and energy to complete; if you don’t have a sound reason for pursuing a small business valuation tool, then that time is probably better spent elsewhere. While this may be true, there is an even more important reason to beginning with the question of why you need business valuation: your business valuation results are directly influenced by

Wondering Why Invest in REITs? Here are 5 Opinions To Consider

“What are REITs? Real estate investment trusts (‘REITs’) allow individuals to invest in large-scale, income-producing real estate. A REIT is a company that owns and typically operates income-producing real estate or related assets.” Or, so says the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, better known as the SEC. Prior to the housing crisis, there was an almost biblical belief that real estate prices would always rise. And although that belief has since been shaken for obvious reasons, REITs and real estate in general remain hugely popular. So why invest in REITs in 2016? What the SEC Says: “REITs provide a way for individual investors to earn a share o

How Prime Brokers Make Their Decisions

What is Prime Brokerage? When a package of services are offered by an investment bank or security firm to a hedge fund or other types of investors it is called prime brokerage. This usually happens when investors need to borrow securities or cash in order to invest in something that will guarantee a return. The prime broker is the bank that will lend the money and they usually do so by securing collateral from the investors, in case something falls through. What is Included in the Service Package? While each prime broker will have their own way of doing this, typically speaking, the following is included in the prime brokerage package: Global custody which includes the

Want to Learn How to Sell Your Structured Settelment? Follow These Steps

Who has not dreamt of winning the lottery or some big lawsuit? Most of us have fantasized about coming into a large amount of money and what we would do if that happened. Would we quit our jobs? Surprisingly, almost half of all lottery winners keep working after they hit that jackpot. What many people may not realize is that most lotteries and lawsuit settlments are paid out over time. For example, if you win the Mega Millions jackpot and it is worth $50 million. You would get one payment of about $750,000 and the a yearly payment for nearly 30 years (each check would be about 5% more than the one before it). That is not bad but what if you need that money sooner? There are companies out there that will pay cash for structured settlement or lottery payments. How You Can Get

How to Protect Our Currency

When protecting currency, it is imperative to use specialized software and not some rinky dink, run of the mill computer program or worse, human eye, to manage and monitor and control the entire process. Safety and control are the main objectives with procedures as sensitive as this. A good software program should be able to help companies in many different ways including cutting down cash time on cheques as well as others. The different methods it should do will depend on the needs of the company. Cash processing has a sensitive nature but plays such an important part in the world, especially in business. Without cash, the business is never going to get off the ground at all. Multiple functions are needed in any software so that it can simultaneously manage payments, balances, liquidity and mor

How a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance Can Work In Your Favor

Credit card debt is a huge issue in our society and something that sinks many individuals and households. It can be a tough thing to get out from under once you’re in — in 2014, American households had an almost $60 billion increase in new debt accrued on credit cards. Additionally, the average balance on a credit card is over $7,000! So what happens if you suddenly come into money? Clearly, the American population has a difficult time managing their money responsibly. So if you come into money because of a lawsuit, you’ll want to handle it more responsibly. You should consider a pre-settlement cash advance and if you’ve won it big on the lottery, consider a lump sum payment. How Would A Pre-Settlement Cash Advance Help Me? If you receive money through a lawsuit that has t