Six Steps for Selling Your Structured Settlement That Will Make the Process Super Easy

Structured settlements are typically used to resolve personal injury cases, since the defendant and his or her liability insurer can save between 10% and 30% on the transaction. In fact, U.S. Congress actually adopted specific tax laws to encourage the use of them for that purpose. If you’re receiving structured settlement money but would rather get a large lump sum, you can actually sell structured settlement payments. Here’s how: 1. Know how much your settlement is worth and how much you need. The first thing you need to do is figure out what the settlement is actually worth. Then you should figure out how much you need from it for your purposes. 2. Find a buyer. The next thing you need to do is to find a company that will pay cash for structured sett

4 Steps That Can Get You Out of Debt

According to Statistic Brain, each American has an average of $2,200 of credit card debt, adding up to a total of $849.8 billion. But credit cards are just one form of debt, accounting for 5.5% of household debt in the United States. Altogether, Americans have about $11.13 trillion in debt. Those numbers can be overwhelming. But if you’re one of those struggling, here’s some debt management advice that can help you get a handle on your financial situation: Find Out Where You Stand Sometimes, the thought of debt is so stressful that it’s tempting not to add it all up. But using a debt calculator to know exac

The Benefits of POS Systems for Pharmacies

One of the main goals of a business is to continue improving efficiency in order to better serve its customers. Switching to point-of-sale systems, also known as POS systems, at checkouts is one way companies have made themselves more efficient over the years. Although cash registers are still found in some smaller grocery and retail stores, POS systems have largely taken over final transactions. Pharmacies are one type of business that has switched over to these systems in masses. Since they are often times very busy and need to keep track of a lot of important customer information, pharmacy POS systems are ideal fo

Don’t Skip Out on a Quality POS System for Your Pharmacy

A local pharmacy is an integral part of many neighborhoods across the United States. From filling prescriptions to providing food and non-perishable items to customers, these pharmacies are a necessary part of life. Therefore, owners of the establishments must have the right point of sale equipment and pharmacy management solutions at their disposal. In order to keep inventories organized and always have what customers want, a pharmacy should have a set of quality POS systems to make these tasks simpler. Here are some things that POS systems can do for pharmacy owners and employees: 1. Make inventory management easier. A big part of running a pharmacy comes from stocking various personal and gift items for customers. From greeting cards and toys to food and cosmetics, phar

Gold and Silver Prices Tumbling

The gold and silver markets remain bearish, as prices tumble to their lowest points in several years. As of Sept.18, silver was close to a four-year low. Gold was in a similar position, falling a percentage point to an eight-month low. The most likely explanation for the downturn is the strong U.S. dollar, which has climbed higher than experts predicted. Many investors hedge precious metals against the strength of the dollar. A lack of confidence in sovereign currencies (backed only by legal tender laws) make precious metals a more attractive investment. Investors may also be concerned that the Fed will raise interest rates. Since gold is non asset-yielding and costs money to hold, it is considered a poorer investment when interest rates are high. For those who think the eco