How to Protect Our Currency

When protecting currency, it is imperative to use specialized software and not some rinky dink, run of the mill computer program or worse, human eye, to manage and monitor and control the entire process. Safety and control are the main objectives with procedures as sensitive as this. A good software program should be able to help companies in many different ways including cutting down cash time on cheques as well as others. The different methods it should do will depend on the needs of the company. Cash processing has a sensitive nature but plays such an important part in the world, especially in business. Without cash, the business is never going to get off the ground at all. Multiple functions are needed in any software so that it can simultaneously manage payments, balances, liquidity and mor

How a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance Can Work In Your Favor

Credit card debt is a huge issue in our society and something that sinks many individuals and households. It can be a tough thing to get out from under once you’re in — in 2014, American households had an almost $60 billion increase in new debt accrued on credit cards. Additionally, the average balance on a credit card is over $7,000! So what happens if you suddenly come into money? Clearly, the American population has a difficult time managing their money responsibly. So if you come into money because of a lawsuit, you’ll want to handle it more responsibly. You should consider a pre-settlement cash advance and if you’ve won it big on the lottery, consider a lump sum payment. How Would A Pre-Settlement Cash Advance Help Me? If you receive money through a lawsuit that has t

New Oregon Law Will Allow State to Garnish Lottery Payouts

One of the reasons many people choose the lump sum lottery payout when they win it big it to take control of their money and get the government out of it. The government already withholds up to 25% of jackpot winnings in taxes and now a new state law that’s set to take effect in Oregon on Jan. 1 will open the door for more garnishment of some delinquent citizens who win lottery payments. According to, the new law gives the Department of Human Services and the Oregon Health Authority the authority to garnish lottery payouts of $600 or mor

Should You or Should You Not? The Annuity Conundrum

Should you sell your structured settlement annuity? It is a question that needs some consideration. Selling an annuity settlement may solve some cash problems you have in your immediate future, but may short-change you in the long run. It comes down to taking a hard look at your money issues today, and doing your best to forecast for what may come later. Death and Taxes (and More Taxes). One fact that works against keeping a structured settlement annuity is the taxes upon it. No one likes paying taxes, even when they go towards Social Security or the national defense budget. Taxes on an annuity are likely to be more annoying, as the payment is because the court ordered it for a pe

4 Quick Tips for Selling Your Annuity

If you have an annuity settlement right now, you might just be one of the countless people hoping to sell annuity payments and get a lump sum of cash in return. There are plenty of reasons why this could be a great option for you — and most of them are all about getting control over the money that’s already technically yours, but which you can’t use. So if you’re looking to sell your annuity settlement but if you arne’t really sure where to start, here are a few tips to get you going: First off, remember that you’ll want to work with a buyer that is legitimate and will give you all of the necessary information up front. You’ll want to make sure that the entire process is do

Sell Your Settlement and Get Fast Cash

If you are going to be receiving payment from a settlement, you can actually sell those payments and access your settlement cash sooner. Chances are, if you are going to be receiving settlement cash, it is going to take awhile to get to you. You will need to pay your living expenses and bills and such now, before the case is closed. So that’s where this article comes in handy. The first step would be to connect with a company that can give you the money that you need before you even get you settlement money. Usually, you do not have to pay any up front costs until the settlement actually gets to you. Here are a few other reasons you may want to access your settlement cash sooner. Lottery Co