How to Distinguish Between These Two Popular Types of Mobile Payments Solutions

Mobile payments: the phrase is something of a buzzword in the retail industry, but what many people don’t know is that it could actually describe two entirely separate processes. While both types of mobile payments solutions give retailers and other businesses the capabilities to meet customer demand for checking out, they also differ as to their purposes in different businesses. These services also differ in how or if they are handled by a credit card payment processing company. In order for business owners to better understand these two types of mobile payments solutions, here is a quick breakdown of how this technology works and why each of these formats is used in retail and beyond: Mobile Payments Mobile payments for retailers are done through mobile devices like ta

Two Important And Telling Numbers About The Canadian Economy

The average financial analyst in Canadian earns up to $55,192 a year — and some finance careers, such as upper management positions, chief financial officers (CFO), and risk assessment officers, can make even more. For that reason, many consider jobs in accounting and finance an appealing prospect. While understandable, applicants who are serious about entering jobs in accounting and finance in Canada should make sure they understand critical financial numbers, and what may be in store for the rest of their career and the future of the country. Remember 2,962 Late Finance Minister Jim Flaherty may be one of the most important people in recent Canadian history. Flaherty successful and tenaciously steered Canada through financial crisis in 2008, and ultimately lived to serve as finance minister for 2,962 days. That’s a pretty impressive feat — and only two finance ministers have ever bested it. Understanding how Flaherty’s cuts and key financial decisions helped preserve the economy may help anyone tackling finance on a smaller scale. It is always important to understand where exactly money should go and why, and what is at stake in every financial decision. What Is The Significance Of $41 Trillion? That’s the “combined gross domestic product

How to Avoid the Post-Holiday and Tax Season Blues

While the chaos and excitement of holiday season is over, tax season is in full swing, meaning holiday shoppers who exceeded their shopping budgets and spending plans must now face the grim reality of their finances. Eager to pay off their debt as soon as possible, many opt to file their taxes as early as possible or take out refund-anticipation loans. Both of these solutions are only temporary, and cause further financial problems. While putting your tax return towards your debt can be beneficial, it’s important to address the root of your financial woes, in which case debt counselling can be helpful. Also, refund-anticipation loans typically have astronomically high interest rates which can lead to further credit card debt. However, debt management companies offer flexible,

Three Reasons Why Every Small Pharmacy Deserves a Mobile POS System

More small pharmacies are beginning to discover the convenience, security, and accessibility that mobile retail pharmacy POS systems have to offer — and considering that mobile POS is predicted to reach about 46% market share by 2017, it’s not surprising that so many pharmacy owners have recognized the valuable investment that is the mobile POS system. But if you own a small pharmacy yourself and you’re still a bit leery about these new point of sale systems, here are just a few basic facts that might convince you otherwise: Convenience is always important when running a pharmacy, and your staff needs to be

Compare Mortgage Refinance Rates Today

Did you know that approximately 10 million households in the United States do not have adequate financial management? Unfortunately, it is true. One way to get out of debt and other financial woes is to refinance your mortgage. What is refinancing? Refinancing is simply the replacement of a previous debt into another kind of debt with different conditions and obligations. You can, for example, choose another loan with a better interest rate or consolidate your debt into one loan. Whatever the case may be, if you do decide to refinance your home, make sure to familiarize y

A Few Statistics You Probably Never Know About the Pharmaceutical Industry

We tend only to hear about the pharmaceutical industry in terms of the actual drug manufacturers and the laws which regulate how prescriptions should be sold and monitored; we often forget that there’s a completely different side to the industry, despite the fact that it’s even more visible to us, as consumers, than the manufacturing and regulating side: we’re talking about prescriptions as patients see them, coming straight from a doctor and being filled at a pharmacy. Over 75% of all medical visits and treatment programs result in the patient being given a prescription, and back in 2011, all of those prescriptions combined with over-the-counter product sales at drugstores amounted to over $231 billion in the U.S. For better or for worse, America’s population heavily depends on the pharmaceutical indu