What Will You Do When You Cash In Your Structured Settlements?

Having a structured settlement from an inheritance or a lawsuit works for a lot of people. It is a nice kind of security, in a way, especially since the payments from structured settlements often last for many years. The payments almost act as a second or third form of income and allow for a lot more freedom. But some people, who are money and investment savy, might not profit from the form of structured settlements at all. In fact, it may prevent them from raising the capital for the things they want to invest in. What would you do with the cash from selling a structured settlement? Check out some ideas below: Invest in Yourself

Make Your Fortune in Commercial Real Estate When You Get In Touch With Top Commercial Real Estate Companies

Are you looking to sink your money into a profitable and worthwhile investment? Have you considered looking at top real estate investment companies or getting involved with one? The top real estate investment companies can offer you a safe place for your money to go and you could see a huge potential return on investment. Commercial real estate investment groups are particularly profitable and are considered one of the most stable investments in the United States. Additionally, if you sink your money into real estate, especially commercial real estate, you’ll always have a stream of cash coming in from rent and leases. There are many different ways to turn commercial buildings into a lucrative investment stream fo

How Flipping Houses Can Help You Get Out of Debt

Debt in the Untied States is no joke. In fact, anger over consumer debt is driving a lot of the passion seen in the presidential election. According to the Federal Reserve, their latest statistics show consumer debt in the U.S. has reached approximately $3.4 trillion as of May 2015. Along with significantly high numbers of consumer debt, student debt is just as serious an issue. Over the last few decades, many more students have enrolled in college and have been forced to borrow money. Between 2000 and 2014, the total number of outstanding federal student debt was $1.1 trillion, and it quadrupled over that time. Getting out of debt is on everyone’s mind, and often seems impossible to recent graduates. There are things that can be done, however, that will eventually eliminate student debt and give people a chance to not worry about their finances as much. If you have a large amount of student debt, that means that you (hopefully) worked extremely hard in college. Congratulations, all that hard work paid off, and you are now a college graduate. Unfortunately, college is there to teach you that the very hard work you were doing those last four to eight

Currency Management Solutions to Save You Time, Trouble (and Money)

The Red Deer Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Central Alberta have been dealing with cases of counterfeit dollar bills since the end of June. The counterfeit money has been used in 40 different establishments, including restaurants, gas stations, casinos, and even banks. Before Canada changed its currency to a polymer note in 2011, it was one of the most forged. The Globe and Mail reported that at one time, for every one milli

Five Business Valuation Methods for Early-Stage Businesses

The only certainty in the world of business is uncertainty. With the landscape and trends constantly changing, you need to make sure you have a way to track the progress of your business through the often turbulent waters. There are over 26 million businesses in the U.S. alone, and nearly 550,000 new companies are being formed each month. If you’ve just joined the shark tank, you need to know about these five business valuation methods. Comparable Transactions This approach is one of the more extrinsic ones, as this method looks at recent valuations of similar businesses in the same industry as yours. Say you’ve just started a carpentry business. Wouldn’t it be helpful to attempt to predict your company’s success based on data from others? This method is particularly useful if you have multiple comparable businesses. The more comparable businesses you have, the stronger your negotiating position will be. Discounted Cash Flow While comparable transactions focus extrinsically on determining business value, this set of business valuation tools measures future intrinsic company value. Since this business valuation analysis looks toward future earnings rather than historical earnings, it’s particularly effective for early-stage businesses. Potential and Talent At the core of the 5.4

Need a Last Resort Loan? Check out Private Hard Money Lenders

There are quite a few possible situations in life where you might feel an overwhelming need for urgent cash. Whether it is starting a new business, buying that car that you have always wanted or finishing higher education or getting professional degrees, the need for money can make its presence felt at any point of time. In usual scenarios, you would either prepare for this event with foresight and have enough money saved away so that any sudden requirement would not be a problem. At other times, you can also approach a bank, credit union or any other kind of financial institution or lending agency to try and get a loan application cleared. There are, however, certain situations where either option is not available. Consider these situations — you might be in foreclosure, and need to raise