Is Mutual Fund Investment Right for You at This Time?

Would you like to increase your financial assets, but you are concerned about the amount of risk involved? If that is the case, you may want to consider mutual funds investment as an option. In this paradigm, you can work with an expert in managing monetary resources who will be in charge of investing in mutual funds on your behalf. This professional can research top performing mutual funds in the market and compare mutual funds, as well as various bonds and stocks, in order to find the best ones for you to consider, given your capital. And in part because you are trusting your investment to experienced professionals, you can potentiall

A Brief History of Annuities

Did you know that most annuity owners have a strong loyalty and commitment to their investment purchases? Nearly 93% report that they still own their first annuity. But before you look into buying annuities, there is a rich history as to why these insurance packages exist, and there are some key facts you need to know. So what are annuities, anyways? These are relatively low-risk investment products sold by life insurance companies usually to individuals looking to help manage their income in retirement. For starters, buying annuities requires you to pay the insurance company a lump-sum premium at the beginning of an annuity contract, which will then be paid back to them over time once they reach retirement. History of annuities: Annuities have only

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How to Sell Your Annuity or Structured Settlement

Structured settlements or annuities are payments, often resulting from a lawsuit or investment, which entitles the owner to receive a set payment every year. There are a few differences: for example, people typically buy annuities as an investment to help manage their income in retirement. Among non-qualified annuity owners, most are female, and 80% have annual household incomes below $100,000. In comparison, structured settlements are widely used in product liability or injury cases; statistics show that more than a third of personal injury claimants are offered structured settlements. However, what both have in common is that they are typically unhelpful when it comes to short-term financial goals: variable annuities particularly have substantial taxes and insurance company charges associated with withdrawi

Three Tips for Better Small Business Management and Greater Profit

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the American economy. According to recent statistics from the U.S. Small Business Administration, they provide over 50% of the country’s private workforce, and also create the majority of new net jobs. As Dr. Chad Moutray, the Chief Economist for the Office of Advocacy has pointed out, “Main Street provides the jobs and spurs our economic growth. American entrepreneurs are creative and productive, and these numbers prove it.” If you’re a small business, you want to be a part of this productivity drive. However, as the old saying goes, it takes money to make money. How can you make your small business an even stronger economic force? Here are three things to keep in mind. 1. Manage Your Money Better It’s easy to slack off when it comes to g

Mutual Fund Performance and Ratings

Mutual fund performance comparison allows an investor to compare the top performing mutual funds and the mutual funds ratings. Mutual funds allow investors to spread out their money among several different stocks and bonds. By investing in mutual funds, one can liquify their funds if they need the money in an emergency. Mutual fund performance is a very cost efficient way to get high profit investment opportunities by watching the mutual fund ratings. Mutual fund performance also allows the investor to have contact with a money manager who can help make decisions about which stocks and bonds to invest in. They will assess risks and do financial research to make sure the investor is keeping with th