Four Types of Annuity Payouts

Anyone thinking of buying an annuity who has done their research knows that it’s a pretty big commitment. Some people are okay with this, considering that 93% of people who own one reported that they still have their first annuity. This might be because they enjoy having one and it works well for them, or it might mean that they’d rather wait for the target date than withdraw early and pay the penalties. What are annuities? They’re just an insurance product that people often buy to help manage their money in retirement. Either way, one thing to consider when you’re thinking

Why Small Businesses Can Benefit from Taking Mobile Card Payments During the Holidays and Beyond

Do you own a small retail business? If so, you know how busy it can get — especially around the holiday season. When you only have one or two cash registers, things can get complicated if there are technical difficulties. For this reason alone, small businesses must have safe, reliable, and convenient payment processing solutions and POS systems, and with today’s technology, there’s no excuse to not try mobile payment processing. What is this mobile technology? Mobile card payments utilize tablets and smartphones to accept credit cards and debit cards from customers from any location. These solutions offer plenty of advantages for small and large enterprises alike and even for businesses that travel! If you choose to use mobile card payments for your business, here are three distin

Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Accepting a Structured Settlement

One of the most common resolutions for a personal injury lawsuit is a structured settlement. In fact, in the early 1980′s U.S. Congress adopted tax rules for the purpose of encouraging the use of structured settlements in personal injury cases, and about one in three personal injury claimants are offered a settlement. There are typically two ways to receive a settlement — in the form of annuity payments or in a lump sum. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see which is right for you. Do I Need a Lump Sum? Ask yourself if you really need a structured settlement lump sum. Have bills or other expenses piled up in the time after your injury? Take your current debt or financial needs into account and be very realistic about what you owe, what your current resou

Thinking About Debt Settlement? You Should Know These 4 Things Before Making a Decision

Of all the debt relief options out there, you may be most drawn to debt settlement. After all, what this typically includes is your creditors agreeing to collect less than what you owe. While this may be the right move in some cases, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Here’s what you need to know about debt settlement services: Debt Settlement Services Aren’t Free Settlements are usually overseen by for-profit debt settlement companies. Naturally, since these companies negotiate the arrangements, they expect some money for the work they do. Know, however, that you shouldn’t have to pay any fees until your debts have actually been settled, since your creditors are under no obliga

Three Reasons You Should Work With a Real Estate Investment Company

If you’re considering investing in commercial real estate, you likely have a number of questions running through your head. Should I invest in property? Do I really understand how to invest in a REIT? At some point in this process, you may have considered working with a commercial real estate company, only to reject the idea later down the line. However, working with a company that has years of experience working with the real estate industry can give you access to an invaluable resource, which can help you make better business decisions in turn. Read on to learn how a commercial real estate company can help you succeed. The

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Point of Sale System?

Making the transition to a new point of sale system, whether you’re looking for retail pharmacy POS systems or something more general, can have a number of significant benefits for your business. As Microsoft details, the best POS systems allow you to track and record your sales, meaning you’ll know how your company is faring at any given time. With features that allow for easy promotions, price consistency between stores, and simple markdowns, POS systems can be the key to running a streamlined, successful business — assuming, of course, you know what to look for. How to Choose the Right POS System for Your Business How Much Assistance Does the